Chartering & Brokerage

Chartering & Brokerage

Whether you are looking for a short sea solution, or have a requirement to move your cargo further afield.

our experienced brokers have unrivalled access to a host of the most reputable vessel owners throughout the world. Our team are highly experienced and responsible for arranging a variety of different charters from spot to voyage to long-term time charters.
Our team has over 20 years’ experience in arranging transportation of all kinds of commodities to provide our customers with the most suitable and cost-effective options to meet their requirements, based on extensive market knowledge and up-to-the-minute analysis.
We strive to provide an end-to-end service which includes both consultancy and brokering, and we work tirelessly to ensure you can choose from a wide selection of the most time-efficient, cost-effective and suitable shipping options available.

If you need to charter a vessel to deliver project, bulk, heavy cargo or to establish regular deliveries of similar goods, the choice of our company as a partner, who will settle all the questions on the organization of this time-consuming process - is the optimal management decision.
Our primary task is to maximally facilitate and simplify the process for the customer organization of cargo transportation from point A to point B, with a maximum cut its costs and time of delivery. After examining the specification of the goods, quantity, terms of carriage, the route, our specialists will prepare the optimum scheme of delivery of cargo and offer the most convenient port for processing.

With significant experience and a broad chain of established contacts with ship owners and operators, our specialists will not only find a reliable carrier, but also to charter a vessel for the best price. What's in a serious volatility in freight rates and dependence on a variety of seemingly unrelated factors - is a significant advantage.
Furthermore, shipping brokers require extensive knowledge in the field of maritime law. By the number of prepared documents, this type of transport has a leading position, and therefore the correct and timely execution of all required documents significantly affects the speed of the organization of transportation.
However, ship chartering, though a major part of the transportation by water, do not forget about the problems of the organization handling operations (transshipment). In this connection, we ask you to pay attention to the presented list of the services we provide:

  • Chartering of sea vessels / sea-river and river vessels on voyage charter and time charter basis;
  • Settlement of disputes with shipowners / charterers / port services;
  • Providing additional services for survey vessel / cargo;
  • Control of the loading or discharging of cargo;
  • Monitoring position of vessel;
  • Selection of the insurer of the cargo;
  • Handling of cargo at the port of loading and unloading;
  • Selection of a customs broker;
  • warehousing, freight forwarding

Chartering of the vessel for the single voyage. In this case, after delivery to the consignee and the end of all calculations on this voyage charterers and shipowners are free from mutual obligations. They may conclude another agreement with each other or with other partners in the same or other terms and conditions agreed with the same or another freight rate; Chartering a vessel for several consecutive voyages. Under this contract the operator after the completion of the first voyage must immediately steer the ship in the second, then the third and so on to fulfill all the agreed number of voyages. The amount of freight is paid separately for each voyage on an agreed freight. During the entire term of the contract can not be without the consent of the charterer to carry cargo on board the other owners, even in passing, or ballast in the opposite directions. Replacement of the vessel, due to the agreement on a substitute in the first or any subsequent voyages should also be agreed with the charterer; Charter contract.
It is an agreement for carriage on scheduled services of a certain amount of cargo the charterer for a specified calendar period (eg, 3-12 months). To fulfill its obligations the carrier has the right to involve not only owned but also the leased tonnage and replacement of vessels over the period of the contract. The main conditions of the chartering contract : term of the contract, with specific dates of start and end, the ports of loading and unloading; type and the total amount of cargo, distribution of traffic by month (in tonnes or number of voyages), type or capacity of vessels, which the carrier may be used to fulfill the contract, the minimum amount of supply ships for loading. The contract may be restricted by age and dimensions of vessels (length, draft full load), the requirements for adaptation to cargo operations, packaged for carriage of cargo by the presence of ice class and others.

Time charter During time charter ship owner is obliged for the duration of the contract to maintain the ship seaworthy (operating) state. Accordingly, he pays all the associated costs: maintenance, supplies, repairs, maintenance crew, vessel insurance, the cost of lubricants and cleaning materials, conducting regular surveys. The charterer organizes commercial operation of the ship and pays the costs directly related to the performance of the transport operation, in which he uses the ship.
This group includes the following cost items: port dues, pilotage and towing assistance, mooring, stevedoring, agency, fuel and water for the boilers. The charterer also include vessel extra insurance in cases when it is caused by working in a dangerous area of navigation and the cost of repairing damage caused by the ship as a result of the orders of the charterer, or the actions of its employees (shifts cargo stevedores action). A variation of the time charter is a contract under which the charterer pays all port charges (fees, services, stevedoring operations, agency), and the owner - the costs of operation, including maintenance of the crew, fuel, repairs and others.
The common factor for every country in this world is import and export Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance and with it, the need for the expertise to assist, guide and handle these specialized processes. BlueMar Shipping & Marine Services takes pride in being able to offer these Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance services through our global offices and preferred associated network of agents offering assurance to our clients of proactive and accurate paperwork processing, best logistics solutions, compliance to Customs rules and regulations on a global level including various other governmental agencies involved, resulting in expeditious movement of shipments. That is our Goal.
In the role of a dedicated Freight Forwarder and Customs Clearance service provider, we know the rules and regulations which vary from country to country and the heightened security and awareness which has evolved from certain initiatives and measures, promoting even more of a necessity for knowledgeable and reliable partners who have full focus on compliance and cost effective solutions especially in more challenging areas of the world. We take a hands-on approach, learn the Client’s products and processes in order to meet and facilitate their requirements and initiate and implement Standard Operation Procedures designed and suited to our clients to ensure shipments and clearances are smooth and flow without delays.