Petroleum & Offshore

Petroleum & Offshore Service

Offshore Support Vessels Chartering BlueMar Offshore Services is an independent, dedicated Maritime Service

Company who services Oil, Construction and Mining companies in their need for maritime knowledge and equipment. Driven by our team of experienced professionals and supported by our assets and large network of ship owners we provide essential and cost effective solutions to our clients worldwide.

BlueMar Offshore offers day regular services which we provide to our clients:

Provision of all Types of Offshore Support Vessels including:

  1. Anchor Handling Tug Supply “AHTS”
  2. Platform Supply Vessel “PSV”
  3. Diving Support Vessel “DSV”
  4. Inspection, Maintenance & Repair “IMR”
  5. Construction Support Vessel “CSV”
  6. Pipe-Laying Vessels
  7. Well-Intervention Vessels
  8. Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel “ERRV”
  9. Harbour, Offshore Terminal, and Marine Tugs
  10. Crew Boats

Provision of all Types of Drilling Units including:

  1. Jack-Up Rigs
  2. Semi-Submersibles Rigs
  3. Drill Ships